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Earn your diploma now! For any high school student, any age, if you are ready to move on, we can help you acheive that goal!

If you earn a diploma when you’re younger than 18, you gain freedom from the law that compels you to go to high school, you also get out from under the laws that restrict your hours when you work and require you to have a work permit, and you gain independent access to community colleges—advantages you automatically gain when you turn 18 just because of your age.

This program is also suited to Adults who left high school and wish to earn their diploma.

Simple steps to get
your diploma.

You can earn a diploma by submitting a portfolio. This does not necessarily mean documents that are enclosed in a fancy leather binding. It is more of a collection of things that will have a direct impact on your transcript. You will be required to submit an essay or survey, a reference letter, and possibly, some additional items to make up your portfolio.


Talk to LSUHS staff

Contact us to get started. We will discuss with you where you are and where you want to go.


Based on our initial consultation, we will send you an information packet detailing your portfolio submission requirements.


LSUHS staff will review your submissions and develop your transcript. If we need additional information, we will follow up with you in this step.


Receive your diploma and transcripts in person at our graduation ceremony or by mail.


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