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Freedom Learning Path


Is your current high school hindering you rather than helping you? Do you feel like you could do better in a different environment? Do you wish you could pursue your interests and forget about the traditional school requirements?

Are you facing any of these scenarios in your traditional schooling?

  • schoolwork that doesn’t allow you to work at the level you’re capable of.
  • study of subjects that aren’t the subjects you’re interested in.
  • teaching that doesn’t accommodate your style of learning.
  • teachers and other staff who don’t respect you.
  • social climate in which you can’t be yourself.
  • a school environment that is coercive and punitive.

If facing these aspects of school affects you in a deeply negative way, school, for you, is destructive. We believe that, when there are alternatives, the healthiest possible thing you can do about a bad situation is to take yourself out of it. Enroll in a program that allows you to pursue your interests—follow your passion. Astrolabe Academy offers you many different ways to move on to a healthier environment so you can pursue your education much more happily and effectively.

We are with you every step of the way!

Astrolabe Academy offers an off campus, or virtual, student-directed program. With this program, you work toward your goals independently, knowing that you have support that you can call on at any time. 

If you have the courage and confidence to choose an unconventional educational path, this same courage and confidence will be the basis for your success in reaching your goals. Four months minimum enrollment in these paths is recommended for graduation. If you feel you may be ready to graduate sooner, please consider our Graduate Now path.


Choose your path

Decide which learners path you would like to pursue – Independent Learner or Advanced Learner.  Talk to our staff if you need help making this decision.



Fill out the application for enrollment and get started! Once we get your application, we will begin your coaching sessions and get you on the right path!



Our staff will work closely with you along the way, providing guidance and resources to help you navigate and stay on track for your goals.



We will notate of your progress and you can watch your transcript build in our parent/student portal. When you are ready, apply for graduation. Then, receive your diploma and transcripts in person at our graduation ceremony or by mail.


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Astrolabe Academy is based in New Mexico, USA