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We offer varying levels of support for high school transcripts for homeschooled students. For folks who have stuck to the traditional coursework, transcripts may seem easy. However, if you unschooled or had a more independent approach, you may need some help with this.


Step by step…

Astrolabe Academy staff can work with your independent learner many ways, from a bit of support & guidance to more of our “Graduate Now” package where we build your entire transcript based on consultations with you and your portfolio. Prices for these services will vary depending on the level of support you need.


Talk to us 🙂

Contact us to get started. We will discuss with you where you are and where you want to go.


Based on your initial input, we will work with you for the appropriate plan and pricing to get you on right track for your future!


Our staff will review your submissions and develop your transcript. If we need additional information, we will follow up with you in this step.


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Receive your transcripts by mail.

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Astrolabe Academy is based in New Mexico, USA