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Who can enter the program?

Teens: If you’re a teenager, we offer you an opportunity to gain the freedom to pursue your authentic interests and develop your natural talents outside of a traditional high school.

Adults: If you’re beyond your high school years and don’t have a diploma, you can earn one through LSUHS.

Students who succeed at this program are independent learners with strong interests and desires that lay outside the traditional classroom.

What do I study? What is the curriculum?

You can be a LSUHS student for any period of time during which you might work, travel, study independently, work with tutors and mentors, acquire skills and complete projects, take classes at the high school or college level, do volunteer work, or engage in any other productive activities. LSUHS does not offer a program that you attend daily; rather, you work toward your goals independently, knowing that you have support that you can call on at any time. Support can include help in finding necessary resources.

You may simply want guidance in getting from where you are now to a new situation. If, for example, you’re stuck in an ill-fitting high school program and want to be a lawyer, there are a number of ways to reach this goal without completing a traditional stay in high school.

You can earn a diploma based on a portfolio when you’re ready to move on. If you’re ready to move on right away, you can graduate within a month or so of entering LOCAL STEW U High School. If you have the courage and confidence to choose an unconventional educational path, this same courage and confidence will be the basis for your success in reaching your goals. You can follow other LSUHS students who have been very successful in practical crafts, business, and the arts, and who have reached the highest levels of formal education.

Is this legitimate?

Yes. LOCAL STEW U High School is a private, alternative, farm-based high school serving the Richmond, VA area. We offer an on campus program, this off campus program, and a blended program with a bit of on and off campus. We have a flexible offering to help students who need or want an alternative but have other considerations in planning their schooling. While this program is very non-traditional, our diplomas are just as legal and legitimate as any other diploma from any other school. You should know, however, that, like over half of the private schools in Virginia, LSUHS is not an accredited school. This has not been an issue for our graduates nor those of the tens of thousands of other un-accredited schools in the U.S.

I don’t live in your area. Can I still apply?

Yes. You can enroll in our off campus program regardless of where you live. While you may live too far to attend our field trips, you are welcome to visit the physical school anytime as well as to join us for our graduation ceremony and receive your diploma personally.

I’m a homeschool student. How can you help me?

If you are homeschooled, you are most likely free to pursue your interests and are well on your way to becoming a strong, independent, lifelong learner. LSUHS’s programs can offer you additional guidance, resources and support to help you on your path. If you are a local student, you will be invited to attend our many field trips and events. We can also simply help you with our transcript service.

This is very different. Is anyone else doing this successfully?

Actually, yes. Wes Beach of Beach High School in California has been doing this for many years. Mr. Beach is a retired public school teacher who has graduated hundreds of students through his programs and is helping us with ours. There are others.

Helping today’s youth escape to the future of their dreams.

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